Special Cover Grades

The compounding expertise of Forech has enabled the development of various types of special cover compounds. The mixing of the rubber and other additives which is so important to impart homogeneity to the compound is carried out in world class Banburry Mixers. We source our raw material from certified global manufacturers and maintain a strict quality check on the same.

The best quality carbon black is used as fillers to reinforce the polymer, plasticizers are used to impart the elastic properties of the finished product and special blends of EPDM compound is used to impart the high heat resistance properties.

Low Rolling Resistance Belts

Forech has developed a compound that exhibits special visco elastic properties to reduce the energy consumption of up to 25%. The theory lies in reducing the indentation rolling resistance, which constitutes over 62% of the motional resistance, of the back cover of the conveyor belt by special compounding technique. The energy saving is dependent on the length of the conveyor, conveyor slope etc. The belts can be supplied with low rolling resistance covers of M, FR and HR grades.

The testing equipment to measure tan δ which has a direct correlation to the rolling resistance at different temperature, strain and frequency is available with us.


Ultra Heat Resistance Belts

Forech has done pioneering work in developing special heat resistance compounds for carrying hot sinter and hot clinker with a continuous service temperature of +180ᴼ C and a maximum service temperature of +240ᴼ C. Our belts are guaranteed for a long trouble free service life. We also supply the splicing kits and undertake the splicing jobs which is so very critical for the successful operation of an Ultra Heat Resistant Belt.


Super Abrasion Resistance Belts

Forech manufactures Super Abrasion Resistance belts having a maximum abrasion loss of 70 mmᶟ conforming to German and Australian specification. These belts are suitable for quarries, sandpits, lime stone, coal, ash, ore and phosphate which are very abrasive in nature with a large proportion of fines.


Fire Resistance Belts

MSHA and FRAS approvals: Our entire range of flame retardant and anti static textile and steel cord belts haven been approved by The USA (MSHA) and Australian (FRAS) certifying agencies.