Forech provides a wide range of screening products to provide a clean and environmentally friendly environment. Our range of screen cloths, mats and other conveyor accessories prevent dust and other particulate pollution in conveyor installations. This allows the end user to ensure a cleaner, safer working environment with reduced maintenance costs.

Dust Screening

Dusty environment is an acknowledged health hazard. Large scale mining and mineral processing set ups generate immense amount of dust and noise, specially in the screening areas. While dust accelerates corrosion, it also makes maintenance and repair work time consuming and difficult.

To facilitate safe, healthy and noise- free work environment on the bulk material handling systems and in the crushing and screening areas, Forech offers an ozone friendly, ultra violet resistant, highly flexible and strong Dust Sealing Cloth, which can be customized to suit any fixture, such as top frame of a screen, conveyor feeders and chutes etc.

The use of Forech Dust Sealing Cloth on a dust sealing system ensures a better working environment, reduced wear and corrosion, enabling safe, fast and easy maintenance.

Dust Sealing Cloth by Forech is supplied in standard width of 1500mm and a thickness of 2.0mm. with roll lengths of 20 metres. However, higher roll lengths can be supplied if requested.

Dust Screening


Screen Mats

Forech Screen Mat is an unpunched Screen Cloth made of a combination of high quality impact and abrasion resistant rubber, with special heat treated, tyre cord reinforcement, to enable tensioning and to maintain the same without the need for continuous adjustments.

The Forech Screen Mats are supplied in duly customized widths and lengths or in long rolls, which can be suitably customized as per the requirements on-site.

These mats are available in standard thicknesses from 5 to 35mm and can be suitably punched as per the requirements of the customer.

Sceen Mats Composition

Sceen Mats

Advantages of Rubber Screens over Metal Screens

  • Much reduced noise level
  • Non-corrosive in wet conditions
  • Does not suffer from pitting or stress corrosion (especially in the presence of sea water)
  • Does not suffer from fatigue, which is accelerated by vibration of the screen.
  • Good abrasion resistance normally outlasting steel by up to 4:1
  • Can be punched rapidly from stock to suit specific requirements.
  • More cost effective.

Advantages of Rubber Screens over Pulyurethene Screens

  • Rubber is less inclined to break soft or brittle particles into smaller sizes (especially suitable for coal)
  • Rubber is a more lively screen which prevents blinding and pegging.
  • Rubber has excellent tear resistance
  • Rubber has excellent impact resistance
  • Rubber has excellent puncture resistance
  • Out performs Urethanes where particles are greater than 3.0mm

Rubber Specifications

Properties unit value Test according standard
Hardness Shore A 65±5 DIN53505
Tensile Strength MPa 18.0 ISO / R 37-1962
Elongation at break % MIN.450 ISO / R 37-1962
Tear Strength (crescent) kN/m Min.450 ISO 34-1979
Abrasion Loss mm3 Max.90 DIN53516
Ageing 7 days at 70°C
Change in hardness
Change in tensile strength
Change in elongation at break

Shore A


ISO / R 48-1968
ISO / R 37-1962
ISO / R 37-1962
Density Mg/m3 1.12±0.03


Tensioning Hooks and Protection Bars

Forech offers a wide range of Tensioning Hooks for transverse and longitudinal tensioning of rubber screens.

These Hooks are custom designed to meet customer requirements and specifications.

A very wide range of rubber mouldings are available for centre hold-down and side clampings. These rubber mouldings are customized to fit specific screen type and design.

Snap on Slider Moulding

Easy to fit Snap-On-Slider mouldings are being offered by Forech to fit to metal profiles which are usually bolted to the sides of the screen box. As these ‘Snap-On’ mouldings are easily and quickly removable, the replacement of screen can be done swiftly, thus saving a lot of down time cost.

Protective Cappings

Forech extruded Protective Cappings are made of high quality wear resistant rubber for maximum service life. The range includes a capping profile for almost every application, be it to provide a correct chamber for screen panels or as a capping to protect iron mountings and side clamps from corrosion.